What we do?

EssLight proposes a system of energy efficiency for public lighting so by means of presence sensors can regulate the flow of light in order to adapt it to the real need.

How do we do it?

Every lamp, whatever the technology that makes them work, it installs a system conceived and designed by sensors EssLight which decides when to increase or decrease the intensity of light in order not to waste energy unnecessarily, thereby improving both efficient and economical lighting. The system can also allow point to point control which ensures perfect functioning of the network, real-time reporting of any incidents.

With EssLight, cities do not have to worry about changing the entire lighting system to a more modern, but simply perform an upgrade of the lamp, thus making the streets more efficient. In addition, our billing system saves the council makes a strong investment in renovation of the lighting and start enjoying from the first moment of the savings in the electricity bill.

Expected impacts

Improvements in efficiency and energy savings


EssLight tries to "recycle" the current streetlights, making them efficient without large financial investments. Once the device has been installed, each point of light only work at 100% when it detects motion nearby. Otherwise, the lamp will remain at low light intensity (level within the current legislation of each town) saves during the period before the light is wasted when it was necessary. Thus, being efficient in power consumption, it saves a lot of energy in the form of electricity, reducing the time light pollution and electricity bill at the end of the month.




Economic and social impacts


EssLight provides great savings in energy costs wherever it made the installation. This, in turn, is transformed into cost savings for whom contracts. The social impact and acceptance of the system implementation will be positive due to the current ecological and sustainable vision that is increasingly present among us. The design studied and created by the team focuses EssLight also avoid vandalism on system components as the low cost and small size make it pass by the curious.




Environmental impacts


The solution produced by our system causes an environmental impact very important because it reduces energy costs by making efficient use of it.

The visual impact at street level is minimal because the only piece of the system that is in sight and the sensor is precisely the technology that has been designed, makes it a small piece and can go unnoticed.


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© 2019 EssLight by SocialOne